Enjoy "Well Behaved" Kenkey

“Welcome”, “Akwaaba”, “Thank You”, “Please”, In Ghana, We are Well Behaved.
Well behaved is our way of life; courtesy, random acts of kindness,
the proverbial Ghanaian hospitality, doing the right thing and doing things
the right way.

And so when it comes to kenkey and its unsavoury adulteration on the market,
we decided to prepare it the right way – soft, hot, smooth and “together”.
The way it used to be back in the day. Never stubborn, always “well behaved”.

We are combining kenkey with fantastic accompaniments,
starting a party in your mouth and taking your taste buds
on a journey to heaven. Chale, its a Ghana thing. Whenever you eat
Gold Coast Kenkey, you are promoting Ghanaian values.

So go ahead – be kind to someone today, feed a mouth on our streets,
show some hospitality, do the right thing always and do things the right way.
And while you are at it, dont forget to enjoy some very well behaved kenkey.
Gold Coast Kenkey. A meal to share for all.