"Well Behaved" Gold Coast Kenkey

"We belong to a local church that is very community focused and so we do a lot of community outreaches. On one such medical outreach, my mother Auntie Delight decided to cook some home made kenkey and share it for free. Other meals like jollof and waakye were served by the organizers but that day but the kenkey was "champion". People kept praising the kenkey and how good it was. We had another outreach at Adabraka, and once again the response was same. One day my mother approached me and said she wanted us to partner and start a kenkey business. She wanted to call it "Lady Kenkey". A year later, she changed her mind and said lets call it "Gold Coast Kenkey". We went with the latter.


The name Gold Coast is evocative of the "original Ghana" and gold is evocative of purity and excellence. Gold Coast Kenkey alludes to "the way kenkey used to be, the original, the real thing. These days there is a lot of adulteration in the preparation of Kenkey on the market. We hear people say "I know where I buy my kenkey" and what they mean is that their "ideal" kenkey is prepared "just right", not half baked, not over fermented and not mixed with other substances. We set out to prepare kenkey - the way it used to be back in the day. Therefore our slogan is "taste the original". There are some special people that we want dedicate this shout to..."Kenkey Lovers"... these are the people who can eat kenkey any day, any time. They simply cannot live without it. Enjoy Gold Coast Kenkey. Visit our fast food mini eatery at Tantra Hill near Champion Divine Clinic. Call us today on 0244-716-488. Gold Coast Kenkey. Taste the Original. Founders: Auntie Delight (Head, Quality Control) and Michael Ofori Addo (General Manager).